Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earthdog Training in Palmyra, VA

Granted, it was two weeks ago, but I finally got around to posting the pictures and here they are. The Rivanna Earthdog Training day in Palmyra, VA. It was a three hour and then some drive, but it was a pretty drive and so we didn't mind at all. Could have been a bit warmer, and again it proved that little boys who lie grow up to be meteorologists. It was nowhere near those 60 degrees and we were cold and shivering most of the day. The farm was located in the midst of a beautiful countryside...........and the spectators were a charming bunch of cows, slightly curious about the going ons:
There was also a very eager dachshund participating at the event. Yes - none other than Mr. Rodmonster who enthusiastically pursued the rats which were cleverly hidden underground somewhere. Not to worry - he found them !

Others didn't show quite as much enthusiasm and would have loved to adopt a rat to be friends with. The rats were totally at ease with the dogs and seemed to know that no harm could and would come to them. My initial worries about stressed out vermin were unfounded.

Here a young Border Terrier is introduced to the "quarry".

Our doggie friend Tilly was somewhat mesmerized by the rats and is trying to understand the purpose of pursuing them.

For the more advanced and more eager beavers......uhm dogs........there was a maize of tunnels under all these grasses and one had to zig-zag on a trail of rat pee to find the quarry. Not as easy as just going straight in for the rats.

Rodney has never done this before and showed immediately, what he was bred to do. Take up the scent and follow it......

...and if it means to dive underground, underground we go ! He worked beautifully and announced his "find" after tunneling through 30 ft. of mud and water. We were so proud of him !

Even after he was done, Rui had a hard time convincing him, that his deed for the day was done.

Not fair - others still got a go at it !

Over all it was a long and fun filled day and everybody pretty much fell asleep on the drive home.

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