Saturday, May 14, 2011

Funtime in the Yard

Usually we go for our long walk in the park early in the morning and if the weather is nice, the furgang loves to hang out in the yard. Bicalina enjoys a good roll in the grass
or a relaxed sunbath on the patio

Rodney and Tessa on the other hand love their ballgames. Not just any ball, no - it has to be a cuzball and the neighbors are probably sick and tired of hearing the loud squeals and squeaks this two-legged ball produces. My apologies to the neighbors, but the sound effects are what makes this toy so desirable. It immediately loses its charm once the squeaker dies and I may as well discard it. Our yard is on a slope and thus great exercise grounds for the gang.
Here you can see Tessa zooming in on the object of desire . . .
... with Mr. Monstermeister closing in quickly.
Sometimes Tessa turns into quite the acrobat catching the ball . . .
 . . . even sliding stops are in her repertoire
... just to find herself harassed by none other than Rodney, whose short legs aren't accelerating as fast as Tessa's long ones, thus making him arrive at the landing spot a few seconds later.
Can't you tell, he's upset ? :-)
Mostly Tessa beats him to it though and brings the ball back to me . . .
Except for the few times, HE outsmarts her and then its no telling where the ball will end up.  He certainly does not bring it back to me. A thousand years from now, archeologists will find a graveyard of cuzballs in the middle of Mclean and they will not have a clue what they are all about. They will say that an ancient tribe buried some sacred two legged balls to calm the gods........... Thanks, Rodney for you contribution to world history ! In the meantime I have an entire arsenal of cuzballs "in reserve" to jump into action when yet another one goes through one of Rodney's burial routines. On occasion one will pop up again, should he ever remember where he left it........ 
The survivors are safeguarded by none other than Tessa ! Good job, girl !

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