Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mrs. Budelheimer's Revenge

Yesterday was a pretty wet day in Virginia. It kept raining on and off and fact was, we were going to get wet on our walk. There's no bad weather - just bad clothing, and so we bit the bullet and met our dear friend Barbara and doggy friend Beau for a walk at Riverbend Park. Yes - you read it right: We didn't go to Great Falls Park this time, but headed to Riverbend, which is a county park a few miles upriver from Great Falls. When we got there it was misting and really not too bad. About half an hour into our walk it all in a sudden started pouring ! It was raining cats and dogs and we were drenched after about a minute flat. Tessa and Beau were delighted about the refreshing shower from above and were bouncing around happily in the rain, splashing through puddles with a big grin on their faces. Not so the Budelheimers. Their demeanor changed from happy to morose the moment the first raindrop hit them and their only incentive was to get back home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we still had about forty minutes to go and by the time we got to the car they weren't on speaking terms with me anymore. I was toast ! They pouted like only an unjustly treated dachshund can pout. After we got home I went to dry them off first in the garage so they could get into the house quickly. I really didn't want to get them more upset than they already were, those little slave drivers. While I was toweling off Tessa, I could hear them running and playing inside. All in a sudden it went dead quiet and I heard a paw scratching at the door from the inside. Monster demanded to come back out to the garage as if eager to get away from the "Misses".
When I went in to check the situation, I found the reason for his 'bad conscience':
Bicalina had left a poop pile in one corner and a pee puddle in the other. Madame didn't want to do business in the rain and had patiently waited to come home to do business in the comforts of a plushy and dry carpet.
So much for being housebroken. It all depends on the weather. Hu-woman was in for punishment and so I just went down on my knees and scrubbed the carpet............ *bigsigh*

She swore, she didn't do it ! Yeah - right. Serves me right for dragging them through the woods in the pouring rain, doesn't it ?



  1. Such an innocent look... Any video camera evidence?

  2. Unfortunately, they threatened to sue me for violation of their privacy if I would dare collect evidence..... What's a poor hu-woman to do, besides cleaning the mess up quietly ?