Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today at the Park

...the wedding bells were ringing for some creatures:What really amazed me was the fact that there were hoards of people passing them by and these two ( and many others) were totally oblivious to it. Whilst they were mating we all got to listen to an amorous concert of some magnitude.
Today's outing was a girls' day out. Rodney and Rui got to stay behind and do some male bonding walking in the neighborhood. It turned out to be a good thing, because when we got to the park there was hardly standing room available on the main paths. That made me decide to take the girls up through the woods and we quite enjoyed just hanging out and looking at the changes in scenery that spring had to offer:Here the girls are venturing out on some sort of wall which had a considerable drop at the end. Thank God they both decided not to jump.Tessa always gets excited about sticks laying around in the woods and sometimes she gets it into her head to transport sticks the size of small trees across the landscape.This one was at least 10 feet long and poor Bica almost got a concussion from being hit by it.

Here some more impressions from our walk today:

What I wasn't so crazy about was the tick I pulled off my head at home:
Maybe it's the Tea Tree Shampoo I'm using, but this useless creature was dead upon arrival ! Thank God for that ! But really - why do these bloodsucking monsters exist ? *grrrr*

One more thing: Why do people always have to leave their trash behind ? Today I was hauling a CHAIR out of the woods to the main path. Hopefully a ranger will pick it up. Really folks - it's no fun to walk with two dogs on a leash in one hand and a chair in the other for half an hour. Whoever left it there: Shame on you !

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