Friday, July 16, 2010

A Typical Summer Walk

Getting up at 5 o'clock sharp has turned into routine by now. I wouldn't want to sleep in, because the thought of being exposed to that humidity at even higher temperatures than those at six in the morning makes me melt. The young crew has no problems getting up at those hours, but Walter is a different story. Waking him up is a chore and if he had bed covers he'd pull them over his ears and moan. Being deaf has its advantages, I guess. Anyways - the dogs ALL get up and go out at this ungodly hour and after Walter has willingly climbed back into his bed, the rest of the gang heads out for morning entertainments at the park. Before we can begin the sunrise perspiration round we drop hu-man off at the metro station and off we go.One of the more convenient and close by parks is Lewinsville Park in Mclean. There are lots of bunnies, chipmunks and birds to be chased and the gang loves to go there.
Another beautiful thing about getting up early: One gets to see gorgeous sunrises. Check this out:This is an old farmhouse which was donated to the county. Nowadays it can be rented for social functions like wedding receptions and such.

As we are sleepwalking through the park, the sun will come up further and reveal other pretty sights:

Odd looking patriotic scarecrows. . .
(Must be a tea party plot *lol* )

Path flanked by gardens. . .

Beautiful sunflowers, reflecting the morning sun.

Let's not forget those bunnies and their high entertainment value.

After about an hour of all this humid excitement, the furgang is ready to call it a morning and head on home !

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  1. Beautiful sunrises !!!! I am not sure the bunny enjoyed after the visitors arrived.
    Last picture is good; shows who works hard (or still has a winter coat...)

  2. The three are looking like they would pretend waiting at a bus stop, not just sitting in the trunk :-)

    Lovely pictures