Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still getting up early

...and seriously hoping that hurricane Earl will blow some cooler air our way for the weekend. Nonetheless - we managed to walk in our favorite park with dear friends from 6:30 until 8 a.m. Just enough to make the dogs tired for a little while and relaxing upon returning home.Here are some of today's impressions:

When we left Mclean, it was still somewhat dark. . .
...but when we got to the park, Tessa met her best doggy friend of all times, Beau.
They hadn't seen each other in a while and were overjoyed.I love it, when the early morning sunlight reflects on the trees. It is a really warm glow.
Along the way the foursome got spoiled a little bit and lined up for their cookie distribution.
Early morning view of the Mather GorgeThen I turned around to catch the view upriver.
Here Rodney is inspecting the boat ramp, but decided not to go for a swim. To be honest: He doesn't like to swim. That takes care of that. I wouldn't let him swim in such a polluted river as the Potomac anyways. Not to mention the dangerous undercurrents, that could easily pull a dog - or a person for that matter - under water.
...and in the meantime back home "on the ranch", Walter was holding down the fort, sleeping peacefully until we got back.

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