Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walter yet again

Hey ! What are we ? Chopped liver ? Walter again ? ? ? ?

Sorry guys - Walter is on a roll and here is a short "movie" of me trying to make him slow down and get some rest. Unfortunately this was not on Walter's agenda at the time and here he is, fine tuning his vocal cords for a loud crescendo should I dare not to open his bedroom up again. Since he is stone deaf he obviously can't hear himself "sing":

What did we learn from this ? Under no circumstances do we mess with Mr. Magoo's time schedule - EVER ! It is amazing how age changes a living being's behavior patterns. Once released he sneezes once and triumphantly goes on his merry way. (No dachsie has been harmed during the filming of this "movie". The condition our ear drums are in is a different story. *lol* )

Got it !!!

What, if I don't wanna get it ? *grumble*
Bica is not amused...........

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