Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tessa and Beau go to Summer Camp

It's the time of summer break and kids everywhere enjoy camp activities. Tessa and her best pal Beau got a summer job. They went out to teach children about how to behave around dogs and Beau impressed everyone by showing off his skills as a search and rescue dog. (SAR)Yesterday we went to the Cub Run Recreation Center, and I forgot to take my camera. So there won't be a lot of reporting about yesterday's event, but nonetheless - I didn't forget to take the cam to last week's event and here are some impressions of that demonstration:

First my friend Barbara taught the children everything there is to know about surviving in the woods in case you get lost. Tessa is watching patiently. . .

After some classroom time, we head out to the woods where Beau will show how he is trained to find missing persons.

While some of the children are hiding in the woods, the rest of the kids are learning about the search and find process. They are fascinated !

Tessa always gets very upset when Beau leaves her behind on his searches. Once he has found a "victim" he will run back to Barbara and bark at her to make her follow him to the lost person.
That's when I have a really hard time holding on to Tessa. She thinks she has to go and help her buddy...
So once it's confirmed that Beau has located the victims and they have been found, Tessa gets to go and "find" Beau. The kids love that part of the search too, because it's a joy to see Tessa taking off into the distance to do her own search. Here you can see how happy they both come running back to us. Mind you, all this happens at around noon time with temperatures sometimes well into the nineties.

That's why it's so important that the dogs have access to water at all times. We only stayed in the sun for about half an hour and then we headed back into the shade. Many dog owners make the mistake of shaving down their dogs, thus taking away the only protection the dog has against the sun. Not only is it bad for the dog's skin, it also causes the undercoat to grow in real dense and it will over time ruin their coat.

.......but back to summer camp. Considering that Tessa didn't grow up with children, it keeps amazing me over and over how much she enjoys them. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I did take her to the school bus every morning when she was a puppy. She never had a bad experience with children and thinks they are so much fun !

Just a few "Tessa with Kids Impressions":

At the end just a little anecdote from yesterday's excursion: It was hot ! REAL hot ! The temperature was about 96F and the humidity was at around 90%. It felt like being in a tropical greenhouse. The dogs got really hot and even though we parked them in the shade as much as we could, they consumed a lot of water and were panting heavily. Some of the kids felt sorry for Tessa and took some sponges to give her a refreshing sponge bath. (I wish I had the cam for this one. It was priceless ! ) So here are at least ten kids armed with soaking wet sponges which they unleashed onto my panting dog. Some dogs would have run away in panic. Not Tessa. She was soaking up all the water and the kids attached to it. The highlight of her spa treatment was a shower with the hose. They stuck that hose in her mouth, sprayed under her belly and washed down her legs. Tessa thought it was great ! The whole scene reminded me of the movie "Car Wash". Remember that one ? ;-)

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