Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Morning Walk

No thanks to Mr. Magoo (Walter that is...) we still do get up anywhere between 4 and 5 in the morning. Which is okay, now that we are plagued by heat and humidity. Come winter though, I want that old man to change his habits of howling like a wolf at oh-god-thirty, just because he thinks he should be getting something to eat. This is not about having to go out. This definitely has to do with the senility of his stomach, and that seems to go right along with his somewhat forgetful brain. He simply forgets that we do like to sleep until at least 5:15 a.m.Moi ? I would never ever do anything like that. Waking up people in the middle of the night ? They're making that up !

Neither here nor there. No thanks to Walter we were ready to roll - more or less - around 6 o'clock. Humidity was already alive and well and so we strolled slowly from one blade of grass to another.Bicalina got "stationary" and started grazing like a little goat. Nothing better than fresh greens after a good rainstorm. Last night we had a couple of severe thunderstorms in the area and this morning it was obvious that there had been some destruction going on in the neighborhood. On the upside: The grass got greener and tasted fresher.
We also investigated the porch of the old Lewinsville Farmhouse......and found the setting quite tranquil.
Strange objects were also seen along the way. Did somebody try to set up a 'green office'?

Here a few more impressions we found along the way:
Pumpkin behind bars.

A natural frame.

Flowers reaching for the morning sky.

Now we're back home and the dogs are snoozing away in their beds, trying to stay cool. It will be another day in the nineties. . .


  1. Great pictures. The dogs always make me smile. We're hoping for a trip in late August/early September - will keep you posted!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    are you guys back from vacation ? Would be great if we could get together on your next visit. Will Shergar be coming too ? Tessa would be so happy to see her.