Monday, January 10, 2011

.........and life goes on.

Walter has now been gone for a couple of days and we haven't quite found a routine without him yet. Walter and Bica had to be seperated for so long because she didn't like him, or couldn't "read" his wobbly attempts of communication. I finally succeeded in getting them back together using the method of counter conditioning and life had become less stressful for all of us, because the four dogs could be together in one room again, without the fear of Walter getting hurt by Bica.
We miss you, old boy ! Life with Walter was not easy because of his disease(s), but he was the sweetest little guy you can imagine.

Yesterday we made a fire in the reading room and Bica spent the evening on top of Walter's lambskin:The rest of the pack wasn't quite that comfortable:


  1. We are so sorry for your loss. Walter is a one lucky dog to have been able to spend his final months with your family. Hugs and licks to the furgang from your Michigan friends.

  2. Thanks, Kelly. So good to hear from you. We miss little Walter, but his heart just didn't want to go on anymore and he left us rather sudden.
    Big hugs to you and superlicious licks back to Sherg from the furgang. They still miss her. Whenever I mention her name, Tessa starts searching. I wish they could meet again some day.