Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Man Winter

...........has finally remembered us. Here we thought we'd be lucky this year and the old grump would not lay his ice cold fingers upon us. Alas, he remembered our existence and gave us a short but fierce memory boost by sending a blizzard our way, which managed to even get the president stuck in a traffic jam. President Obama was one of the lucky ones though, because lots and lots of federal workers were said to have spend more then 12 hours trapped on GW Parkway, trying to get home. The result was a heap of abandoned cars and I am almost certain, a couple of swearing snow plow operators because of them. I had the "pleasure" having to drive to the metro station and let me assure you: It was not easy, nor was it fun. Haven driven in Switzerland a lot of times and having grown up in Germany, this driving experience brought back fond memories of winters spent there. (Just kidding - it was a MESS !! )
Last year we lost a lot of trees to the weight of heavy snow and this time I was going out, armed with a broom and a pack of dogs and took care of that problem as well as I could. So far, all trees are still standing and none fell over. Yeah !
Mr. and Mrs. Budelheimer are not thrilled about the white stuff, but Tessa is tickled pink and would stay outside day and night if it weren't for me old partypooper calling her in every now and then. Looking at her lying out there in the cold gives me the chills.
Being inside at night makes it look pretty though:

Tessa was a happy camper, that's for sure:

Here you can see some of the snow beeing blown around behind the house:

The snow got heavier and heavier as time wore on:

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