Monday, January 3, 2011

One of our New Year Traditions going downtown D.C. for a walk. Why on New Year's day, you ask ? Simply put: Less traffic, less people, more fun. :-) We spent about one and a half hours visiting some memorials and now we had our fill for the location for at least another year.........if not longer.

Jefferson Memorial

Looking at the White House. Very much to the furgang's dismay, the presidential pooch wasn't home.

D.C. Skyline

Hordes of geese hanging out in and around the reflecting pool.

World War II Memorial

Tessa posing in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Doesn't it remind you vaguely of the Akropolis ?

Now that's a scene you all remember well from countless movies.......

Good old Abe himself.

UNTIL NEXT YEAR, D.C. ! (Maybe.)

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