Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After the Big Rain

We went to Great Falls Park today. Due to flooding, they only opened the small parking lot and it was surprising how many people showed up to see the waterfalls. What waterfalls ? The water was apparently receding, but it was still all the way up to where it almost reached the viewing platforms:

We did see first signs of spring. Some fresh green was trying to infiltrate the brown, or sometimes white colors of winter:

I took some weird angle pictures of Tessa. I kind of like them. They are different:

These pictures are more about the background and don't focus so much on the dog. (Even though I'm biased and I do think she is very pretty. )

What made me real sad though: With all the water going down, I was able to see the dirt and debris, mankind has left behind in this beautiful river:The picture doesn't do the amount of trash justice that was piled up there. And this is just a very tiny part of the river's bank. It's sad, real sad.............. Why can't people dispose of waste properly ? I remember the banks of the river Lech in Germany last year. People were swimming in the river and it was clear and clean as can be. The Europeans are really ten steps ahead of the US in terms of the protection of their environment. It's about time, we catch up over here.
Here's the Lech - just for comparison:
Mind you - this is not the exception. It's the norm !

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