Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rain - who needs it !?

Yesterday, the Budelheimers put me - yet again - into a dilemma. They wanted to go for a walk and pointed that out by going to the door. "Okay", I explained to them, "if you don't mind walking in the rain - I'm game !". I opened the door, they stuck their fuzzy noses out and as the first rain drop hits them, retreat with utmost disgust in their faces. Alright - the back door didn't work. Let's try the front door. Same scenario.......... open door ........... look outside..........yuck !! Aaaaaah - but there's always the way out through the garage ! !
That kind of behavior is too much to grasp for the simple human mind. In the mind of a dachshund however, the thought process unfolds as follows: If it rains in the backyard, doesn't mean it necessarily has to rain in front of the house, and who knows - if it rains in the front of the house too, that can only mean that going out the garage door in the basement makes perfect sense and keeps one's fur dry. Go figure !
You get the idea: They drove me nuts ! ! ! After going through that spiel for about twenty minutes I decided it's time to make an executive decision and just grab the delinquents and sentence them to a walk in the rain. EXCITEMENT ! Tessa, needless to say, will walk in any weather and the more refreshing it gets, the more she likes it. Heat isn't her thing, but walking in rain and snow very much so.
Said and done: The Budelheimers were outfitted with their harnesses and off we went.........hesitantly. Mrs. Budelheimer, a.k.a. Bica, peed right in front of the garage, turned around and considered the purpose of her walk achieved. Mr. Budelheimer managed to drag me to the nearest tree, turned around and proclaimed victory.
Hu-woman and Tessa on the other hand laid down the law and off we went for our 1 and a half hour neighborhood walk. Mind you: A walk in the neighborhood is booooooo-ring. The Furgang is a spoiled bunch and demands their daily outing in the forest. The asphalt jungle is despicable and not fit to suit a dachshund's nose. Shepherd noses don't discriminate - they love it everywhere ! Hu-woman was utterly unimpressed and so we were seen in a rather heart-wrenching constellation: First the bouncing shepherd.........then hu-woman.........nothing..........still nothing.......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaah - the morose looking Budelheimer bunch.
I'm lucky that most of my neighborhood pet owners don't believe in walking their dogs in the rain and therefore we weren't seen by any fellow animal lovers. Otherwise somebody would have called animal control and hu-woman would have been arrested for animal abuse. Shocks !!!

On a happier note: Today the sun is shining. It's still muddy, but they'll get to go to their beloved woods. Hu-woman is sure she'll get a place in heaven some day. She's okay with that, as long as it's doggy-heaven. :)))

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  1. I love your posts! Just love them.
    Only wish we could have walked with you - stroller & dog, in the rain. Sherg isn't a huge fan of the rain if she just has to run out and pee in it. But take her on a walk and she'll walk in ANY condition!