Friday, March 12, 2010

Veterinarians want to live too

We are convinced that somewhere in Virgina there's a vet who put a plaque with our name engraved on it on the side of his swimming pool. Another vet may have financed his trip to the Bahamas courtesy of us, and maybe another vet is buying that Armani suit he always wanted and yes, it's no thanks to us and our dogs. I remember growing up with dogs and somehow they always seemed healthy, or so we thought. Veterinary medicine was by no means as advanced as it is today and hey - if you want to pay the bill, your dog could even have plastic surgery, if you wanted to straighten out those skin folds on your Shar-Pei.
Knock on wood: The Furgang has been pretty healthy and the vet only gets to see us when a health certificate is needed or the annual heartworm pill distribution needs to be renewed. I partially "blame" their healthy diet for this blessing and since we turned our backs on commercial foods, they seem less poisoned. I always try to explain to people that I wouldn't want to eat corn-flakes and cereal for the rest of my life either.
So we do like to see the vet on occasion - for social calls. :)

Bicalina did pull something yesterday and therefore didn't get to go on our almost three hour walk. She was comforted by some treats in a kong and was still working on it when we came home. I don't think she noticed that we were gone. Today she seemed fine again and since it is raining cats and dogs, I gave her another day off. Let's see how she is doing tomorrow.
After the "trauma" (she did hurt herself going down the stairs), I gave her 5 pellets of Arnica immediately and repeated that dosage five minutes later and when we got home. It seems to have helped, because today she's just her old bouncy self again.

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