Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tessa is on the injured list

A couple of weeks ago, Tessa managed to hurt herself by jumping out of the car at warp speed in hot pursuit of a cat she saw on the other side of the street ! ! !  It was one of the rare moments, when her Shiloh halo slipped off to the side and prey drive took over.  I'm sure you've seen that happen before with your own dogs. Your oh-so-well-behaved dog all in a sudden seems to have gone deaf and chases some critter with determination into far away places. Besides the fact that she could have been hit by a car, I don't care for moments like these to happen too often. In the interest of keeping my own sanity !
The result of this kitty chase was a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament. Great ! *grrrr*  Now madame was put on six weeks of rest and relaxation and the healing process will hopefully be accelerated by acupuncture.
Usually, Tessa is terrified at the vet's, but not this one:

 Upon getting into the treatment room, she first has to
 inspect the place,
and once the needles are placed, she drifts off to a half hour nap. Completely relaxed and with no worry. Before she gets acupuncture though, she's being treated with osteopathic methods. By now we've gone to see Dr. McIntyre four times already and Tessa seems pain free and putting almost normal weight on her leg again. I'm thrilled ! All withoug surgery ! Yeah ! 
If you're in need of a fabulous osteopath and homeopath, look no further:

Thank god it's summer. Because of the heat and humidity it's much easier to rest her than it would be during cooler days. Let's be honest : I'd feel extremely bad about having to leave her at home while I take the Budelheimers out for a walk. That way everybody gets to go on long sniffing excursions with very little movement, lots of wildlife to admire and quality time to check out exciting scents. 

Sometimes it's even pleasant enough for a quick sun bath on the patio,

or some doggy hai-ku in the yard: 

Now keep your fingers crossed that everything keeps healing as well as it does !

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  1. Oh no! Our poor Tessa! Just looking at her asleep on the floor makes me miss her so much! Please give her lots of scratches and hugs from us and tell her Sherg barks "get well soon!"