Saturday, November 27, 2010

Handyman Walter helps to renovate the basement

What can I say ? Leave it to Walter to help renovate the basement.
A little while ago we had to have a drainage system installed into the garage and the basement. In order to get all those pipes into the ground, the workers had to rip out some of the existing floor to dig that ditch and put gravel and sump pump in place.After completion of stage one, that's what the basement looked like, and here's the garage:
After the dust settled, the gravel got covered up with some special (very dusty!) concrete and left us with this view:
Now we had to let it all sit for at least five/six weeks before putting a new floor in. While I was waiting through the drying process, I started removing the old floor, which actually was a pile up of two layers and a pain to remove ! So while the younger part of the furgang enjoyed some quality time in the yard, I grabbed old man Walter, who doesn't fancy the cold outdoors too much, and retreated into the basement. As you can see, I was closely supervised:

Yikes - that floor is sticky !

Quick check on the BOD of the doggy worker's union:

No complaints from that side and so Walter and I could finish laying the floor in the basement in peace and quiet.

We're done ! Yeah !

The floor is done, the walls are painted and we can move on to the next project: Painting the walls and have a ceramic tile floor installed in the basement den. We picked a nice Italian tile and it will look real pretty when it's finished. Once the basement part of the house is all spiffed up, we'll take a short break and then we tackle the bathrooms. For now my canine engineer says good night:

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