Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Walter went shopping

It's getting cooler outside and first signs of frost have been sighted. Our grandpa Walter, who has the tendency to need a potty break in the middle of the night is also seen standing in front of the house shivering, thus forgetting that he really was out there to go potty. I hate to admit it, but crawling out of bed at three thirty I can imagine how he feels, because I stand there shivering too.
Therefore I loaded him up and off we went coat shopping. Try to find a coat for a dachshund. Either they fit around the belly and don't cover the butt, or they cover the butt but are way to big in all other areas of the wienerdog's body. After searching through countless pet stores in the area we finally found a coat that's acceptable for Mr. Magoo:
Doesn't he look like a little elf ?


  1. Nice coat, good color and great fit. Now he can go on walks with the rest of the bunch to all the beautiful parks you take them.

  2. Thank you. :-) Walter doesn't get to go on our walks because he wouldn't last. Grandpa is almost 15 years old and if he were human would walk with a cane. He gets his exercise in the yard and the neighborhood and does enjoy it.