Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Advent Walk at Wolftrap

It was a cold morning, but nonetheless - the dogs needed their exercises as much as we did and off we went to this little park which is situated in the midst of a community called "Shouse Village". I believe it is part of Vienna. The air was crisp and the light perfect:First we admired those beautiful reflections in the lake...

Along the way, the dogs encountered some strange bird. Whilst Tessa politely tried to make contact, Mr. Monstermeister told that odd creature what he thought of it by marking it's feet more or less. Never a dull moment with this guy ! *lol*

The asphalted path let us through the woods...

...and along a small creek.

Lots of interesting places to investigate.....

...even a broken bridge, which the Budelheimers found utterly interesting to hop around on.

And where was old man Walter Magoo ?
Patiently waiting for his turn at home in a fluffy and cozy warm bed.

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