Monday, November 1, 2010

Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts

We wanted to go some place different and so we packed up the pack and headed towards Wolf Trap Farm Park in Vienna. ------>
From October until April there are no performances and it's a nice change of scenery. Behind the big stage is a nice park where we took a walk for about an hour. But see for yourselves:

The weather vane indicates where the park's name derives from. It actually got his name from the little creek that runs right through it: Wolf Trap Run.

As you can see, the vane sits right on top of this scenic building.Here's a look at the stage from the lawn.

Inside the building. The seats are being dissembled to be stored for the winter.Moving on and leaving the stage behind, Rui is seen doing some dachshund management. (More or less successful. *lol*)

One last look at the entire complex, and we head towards the woods.

There, nestled between the trees, is the "Theater in the Woods", which houses performances for children during the summer months.

Now let me just show you some impressions from our walk in the park:

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...and at the end of our walk, the familiar weather vane waved a final good bye in our direction as we were heading back towards the parking lot:

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  1. Welcome back!!! It has been a long time since your last post. Too long? Keep the blog going , these are very nice pictures and captions.