Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nottoway Park

Since I missed a couple of days again, I'll put up two postings for today.
On Sunday on our way to Home Depot (we seem to frequent this place very often these days...) we stopped by at Nottoway Park in Vienna to get at least an hour's walk in with the dogs.
Here are some of the impressions along the way:

When we got there, there was still some morning frost on the ground.....

but fall presented us with an awesome display of warm colors:

During the summer there are free concerts right in front of this county owned house every Thursday night. We regularly meet there to train the dogs and sometimes went over there to listen to the music.

It is great to have a park like this one right in the middle of town. No need to drive for hours and be stuck in traffic trying to find a nice place to walk in the countryside. We're lucky. We live close to town with all it's conveniences and yet, just a few miles down the road we have access to a couple of really nice parks where we enjoy nature and walking the dogs.

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