Friday, April 1, 2011

Poor Rodney

Evening routine in our house is as follows: After the humans are done with their dinner, the dogs get their kongs as we get comfortable on the sofa to watch some TV.
After they're done devouring the contents of their kongs, the dogs join us on the sofa. Yes - there must have been a reason why we aquired a sofa big enough to accommodate us all.
In a previous post you already saw the extensive Budelheimer begging that's going on on Rui's side of the sofa. Once he runs out of stuffing them with not-so-good-for-them yummies intended for human consumption, they lose interest and look to get comfortable. That's when they show up on my side of the couch and whoever gets there first, gets the good spot.
Yesterday it was Rodney who got the best spot in the house and with gusto he snuggled up against me to take his evening nap.
Hey - not so fast, Mr. Rodmeister ! Mrs. Bicalina knows what she's after and the final result of hunting for the best snuggle spot of the house looks as follows:

 Poor Rodney got literally buried under Bica and as you can see by his expression, he wasn't all that comfortable. SHE on the other hand seemed to have found her spot and every time he moved, she growled. At some point I really felt sorry for him being pinned down like that and I helped him to escape. Did I mention before, that life with dachshunds is never dull and boring ? Now if you think, that Rodney is without faults, think no more, but look at this scenario:

Pinning poor Tessa against the wall isn't much better, or is it ? At least Bica had a good excuse: She was seen spreading smiles at the nursing home all evening last night. She always amazes me, how a little dog with such a cruel past can still find it in her heart to trust people. She still is a work in progress and every day is a challenge for her. People still scare her and she is still shy with strangers, even petrofied at times. Children and men being high up on her list of scary beings. Not so once she walks through the front door of the nursing home. She loves the seniors, climbs up on the side of their wheelchairs and climbs in bed with them. Her tail never stops wagging.

Visits usually last about an hour for her and afterwards she is always pretty much tuckered out and needs her well deserved rest.

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