Monday, April 11, 2011

Something About Me For A Change.

Very funny, Tessa ! I mean it. :-) I am not the world's most skinny person and as a former athlete who was physically active all her life pretty much 24/7, it came as no surprise to me that I had to ultimately put on a few unnecessary pounds once that all-day-running-around being active business had stopped. Mind you, I still am physically active. I like to go swimming at least 2 to 3 times a week, and having three dogs gets me out walking for at least one to two hours every day.  Still - my aging body was not convinced that this was enough exercise and that tough times could be laying ahead and therefore some reserves had to be deposited. Preferably around belly, hips and a couple other not so convenient places. I tried to shed pounds for no avail. My frustration mounted to the point of depression and for every pound I lost, I gained another one back it seemed.
Tried to find help at the doctor's office, just to be told to "eat less and exercise". Thanks, Doc - very helpful ! Now my search for a good doctor is finally over when a  friend of mine recommended her doctor to me.  An endocrinologist (and dog breeder to say the least), located not far from where we live.  I was diagnosed with type II diabetes, saw a nutritionist and was given the equipment to test my glucose levels a couple of times daily. At first I fretted, but now it's routine and I don't think about it too much anymore. I am also slowly adjusted to the necessary medication and so far my stomach is taking it in stride. Only a few days of nausea so far.  To add insult to injury, I hurt my back real bad a couple of weeks ago and physical exercise isn't really too high on my to-do list these days.  By now I am at least able to walk the dogs longer than an hour again and a bit faster than before. For weeks those poos guys had to go on sniffing excursions, which they didn't mind too much it seemed.
I am getting physical therapy for my ailing back and it's been improving steadily.
The good news: Just being on a special diet, medication and some (very little) exercise helped me to shed enough pounds to drop one pant size. Things are (hopefully) looking up !
I hope I can go swimming again some time this or next week and pick up my normal walking routine some time soon.

Today I had to think of my mother a lot. Today would have been her 89th birthday. She passed away at age 45 and I should have been way too young to remember, but I will never forget her. She lives on in me and in my heart. Still miss her terribly.  Mutti - wherever you are - this one's for you:

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