Friday, April 8, 2011

That Special Bond

Yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk, I watched Miss Bicalina trying to get comfortable:
That picture may not get across what the situation was really like. Here was Tessa trying to get in a few rays of digestive sleep after breakfast, and in waltzes Bica, trying to do just the same.  For her it wasn't just as simple as it was for Tessa, just laying down and drifting off to sleep. No, she had to fluff the bed, push every strand of hair and fabric in the right position, place Tessa's paws at the exact right angle and turn in circles endlessly. Tessa's patience and sleep were tried and after being treated like Bica's personal blanket, Tessa finally had enough and disappeared.
What was left behind was a pretty perplexed looking Bicalina, who had to start the whole ceremony yet again from scratch, and after a couple of twists, digs and turns she finally had found a position that seemed acceptable for her:

One big sigh, and off to sleep she went. Tessa grew up with her around and it's almost unbelievable to think that Tessa will be turning six this year and Bica's been with us for almost five years. Bica was almost not adopted out to us, because she initially was petrofied of big dogs and now she even rules over one ! Tessa is such a sweetie and would never ever hurt her.  Anyways - now, that Bica had found peace and quiet, Tessa and Rodney wanted to go outside and enjoy the morning sun. Rodney and Tessa have a different bond - they are pals. They hang out together and yes, Rodney abuses her body warmth for heating purposes as well:

Tessa usually lasts all but five minutes in that compromised position before she gets up and leaves. What was really cute though, was the scenario that unfolded in front of my office window:

There was some serious doggie smooching going on.  I am so glad that our little pack gets along so well. They sometimes remind me of the three musketeers. :-))

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