Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rodney's New Obsession a little hedgehog, which omits the most awkward and thus Rodney fascinating sound.
It was one of these days again. You know.........rainy weather, nothing to do. Hanging out with a good friend............aggravating the mailman, destroying a couple of plush toys. All things, a frustrated dachshund does, when he doesn't know what to do with his boundless energy. To think that this little guy will be celebrating his ninth boneday this year. Time to slow down........nooooo, not him ! 

Where was I ? Right - the little plushy hedgehog. As you can recognize in the background, the hedgehog is not alone........
Someone, who's name will not be mentioned is after its life ! ! 

Clawing himself ferociously into the desk. . .

... and protesting on top of his lungs

...howling like a wolf at a full moon.....

Wanna know what happened next ? NOTHING ! I did not let him have it, because now I do have an object he will pay attention to. That in turn will help me get his attention, when I need it. Mostly trying to get my point across. Hedgehog has become a lure toy..... an attention getter and motivator. 
I am sure it will last a day or two, and then I'm off to find yet another object he finds more interesting than - let's say: The neigbor's cat, the squirrel in the tree, the deer in the woods, the jogger on the path, the waddling toddler in the parking lot........etc.etc. Wish me luck ! :-))

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