Monday, May 10, 2010

Doggy Psychology

Yeah - the Budelheimers are right. Hu-woman spent the weekend (three days actually) at an Ian Dunbar dog seminar. ( )
One of Dr. Dunbar's suggestions to test your dogs' understanding of commands and human language was to lay on the floor with your arms crossed on your chest and give some simple commands to your dog. (i.e. "sit", "down", "stand"). The expression on the furgang's faces was priceless when I plopped down on the floor to test this newly aquired knowledge. Let's all face it: Who trains their dogs lying down ?
The result: Utter disbelief followed by "let's lick mom to death and jump up and down on her belly". My advice: Don't do this exercise after lunch ! ! !

Now let's get serious again. If you want some really helpful information and training tips from "Master Dunbar" himself, look up his website
It's the next best thing to taking "Rover" to doggy class. You will find lots and lots of helpful hints and information about dog training done right and how to train your dog to be a reliable canine.

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