Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fountainhead Regional Park, VA

Today's Sunday outing lead us to Fountainhead Regional Park which is situated along the Occoquan Water Reservoir. Once we got there, we tried to find a trail map for hikers but the only thing we found was a map for mountain bikers and one for horses. We figured that we would rather meet a horse than a mountain bike and so we headed on out on the horse trail. The drawback: This trail was 17,5 miles long and the only way to get back to the parking lot was to turn around and head on back hence we came from. Apparently there is also a 2 mile long roundtrip, which we haven't found yet. It's a short distance, but for a summer walk in the heat it would be perfect.Now here are a few impressions from our walk:If that doesn't have "horse" written all over it, than I don't know. :)
Walking past an old cemetery.

Well groomed trails everywhere.
Tessa was a bit scared of that wobbly bridge, but Rodney confidently lead the way.
We came past a spot where the rocks all looked like quartz.

Once back from the horse trails, we went down to the reservoir and enjoyed the view.
Bica wasn't so sure if she liked that huge puddle. It scared her a little bit....
Tessa in the meantime was contemplating if she should rent a boat.

Then we met that goose that wasn't as fond of meeting us as we were of meeting her.

One last look, and back home we went.

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