Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh the Joys of Invisible Fencing...

Not to worry - I am being sarcastic. On our walk through the neighborhood today we encountered at least five different dogs being contained behind what is called "invisible fencing". I know that the HSUS is after eliminating pet dogs from American households and endorsing remote controlled torture devices like this electric fencing system is yet another testament of their hatred for pets. (Looking at their annual financial statements would be another, but that's a different story.)

Back to the fencing: Here I'm peacefully walking down the street with my three well-behaved canines. They walk on leash just beautifully and nobody pulls. The dachsies go on my left side with Rodney leading the way and Bicalina right behind my foot, and on the other side you'll find Madame Tessa walking either by my side or a few feet out front at the most. Everything's honky-dory and as we come around the corner we all in a sudden find ourselves under attack from a severely distraught golden retriever with an impressive display of aggression. I always am under the impression that goldens are these all around sweet guys - at least the ones I know. (And I do know a few real nice ones !) I managed to quickly pull my threesome away from the battle scene, which was not exactly an easy task, given that Rodney immediately assumed the role of knight in shining armor, switching over to attack mode should anyone want to mess with HIS girls. Me included, I guess.
Here I'm thinking: Let's assume, an unsuspecting dog gets across this electric line and the frustrated yard dweller attacks from out of nowhere ? What, if that electrically frustrated dog gets a hold of the unsuspecting mailman ? Heaven forbid, some playful children run through that yard and become victims of that frustrated animal ?

I guess I am not the only one who feels this way. If I got your interest, please read on:
(Not about electric fences, but shock color training in general)

Those are only a few findings on the topic and to me they make perfect sense.
They're "just dogs"........... but when you ask their owners who put those electric devices around their necks, they will all tell you that they love them. Or do they ?

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