Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Re-Birthday, Misses Budelheimer !

Okay - let's call her by her real name today. She has so many, that it's kind of hard to remember, which one she listens to the best. If at all. :) Bica, Bicalina, Pickle, Bebe, Meislein (German for "little chickadee) and many more. Neither here nor there - four years ago today she moved into our house and into our hearts. It all started when my almost 16 year old "souldog" Purzi went over the rainbow bridge and life without a dachshund seemed dull. Those of you who have been exposed to that breed know what I am talking about. There is never a dull day in your life, if you are the servant of a dachshund, I swear !

So here I was........ dachshundless. I could have been happy. There were still Daytona, our magnificent and wonderful great dane, and then there was young Tessa, the sweetest and calmest dog you can imagine. Life was good...............and soooooooo predictable ! No chewed up furniture, no excessive barking, no marked corners in the house, etc.etc. I wanted to give a needy wirehair dachshund a new home and my poor hubby (I love him dearly and he does put up with a lot !) thought I was kidding when I announced that we needed a dachshund again in our lives. Last time I made a similar announcement, I showed up with an almost blind poodle puppy. Have you ever been on ? It's a tough website to go to and not be tempted to adopt one of the thousands and thousands of pets in need of a home.
It's there where I found a dachshund in need by the name of "Scout". She even looked a bit like my beloved Purzi and so I started filling out the application............ Didn't work out with Scout. Someone else was faster and so I thought we should take a chance with the one, that really didn't suit our lifestyle.

Bica's name back then was "Maisie" and even though I thought she was awfully cute, it said she was petrified of big dogs and with a dane and a shiloh in the house she didn't sound right. Turned out later that she was afraid of her own shadow and stress was her middle name, no matter who or what she was exposed to.

To make a long story short: On May 6th, 2006 we went to the Reston Pet Fiesta, had her meet Daytona and Tessa and the rest is history as they say. The first thing she did: Bit me in the finger and peed all over my clothes. I was christened in a dachsie manner. Bica still has lots of fear issues and it is more than obvious that she was severely abused during the first years of her life. But what can we say: Rui, who couldn't even come near her the first year we had her, is seen snuggling on the sofa with her and Mr. Budelheimer (a.k.a. Rodney) and Tessa are standing in attention when Madame Bica waltzes in. :))

We promised her that she will never in her life be abused again and we stick to our word !

If you are looking for a dachshund in need of a forever home, please check out Dachshund Rescue of North America:



  1. Happy belated birthday, Bica! You've shown Shergar who's boss more than a few times now... you've definitely grown into your beard during the last 3 years we've known you!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Bica says "thanks" and sends a birthday bone to Shergar. :))
    Since she had her teeth done, she's become an even happier little dog. Had to take that beard off though. Madame managed to get some serious tree sap worked into it and so I had to cut it off.