Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new Adobe Photoshop

Oh boy - I really don't do well with change. I've been using Adobe Photoshop Elements for years now and it felt to me like a real old, comfortable shoe. You know - the ones you don't want to part from ? Unfortunately, it happened: The old Photoshop developed some glitch and became unreliable and since I am about as computer savy as a shoe, I decided to purchase the follow-up program, which is Photoshop Elements 8. The principle is pretty much the same as its predecessor's, however, it's supposed improvements are not as user friendly as the basic program.Nonetheless - I'm trying to battle progress and wanted to share some results (clicking on the images will allow you to view them in their original size):

Levin at the Petting Zoo
Do you see the ghost ?
(This picture was taken at a hotel in Bavaria, where we stayed at on our last trip to Germany.)
The Budelheimers in Color

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  1. nice improvement. The Bud...eimeres look great. welcome to the new stuff. I also like my photshop.