Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dogwalk at Great Falls Park

For those of you who don't know where Great Falls Park is: It's in Great Falls.
We are lucky to have a national park so close by where we can walk the dogs. During the week there is hardly anyone there and we sometimes walk for almost two hours without meeting a soul.
And that 's a good thing, because Mr. Budelheimer (a.k.a. Rodney, Rodmonster, get the idea) likes to think of this park as his personal property anyways and whoever dares to enjoy the great outdoors there has to deal with him. So he thinks. Fortunately the girls aren't as possessive as their sidekick and patiently wait for his temper tantrums to be over before continuing on our merry way. The times we girls get to go without the Monsterman are almost boring. You can actually walk past strangers and their dogs, joggers, geese and most other wildlife without alarming all of Northern Virginia that you are coming down that path. Bless his heart, but with Monster around, watching wildlife is next to impossible.

Today was a somewhat muddy but sunny day and we spent about two hours at the park, having to share it only with about 10 joggers, one border collie, one labrador and one mutt of unknown origin. As I was darting into ditches and behind trees to avoid direct confrontation between Monsterman and his oncoming enemies, I realized that off the path where little puddles which - with a gurgling sound - gave way to foot deep mud. Oh the joy of dog ownership (sometimes) !

Anyways - we managed to finish our walk without leaving any victims behind and I can still hear those deer and squirrels giggle from the safety of the underbrush.

Now here are a few images of Rodney's personal park, and if you ever go there, don't be surprised if he objects to your presence there. (Please click on the image to view on a larger screen.)

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