Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Food Fight or "As Rodney Sees It"

What is your average, middle-aged dachshund to do ? Picture this scenario: The enticing smell of liver, paired with garlic and olive oil haunts you wherever you go. The entire house is engulfed with the sweet aroma of your favorite dish. Fellow dogs of the world: What would you do ? My hu-woman was going to bury this treasure in the depth of the refrigerator and chances were, I was not going to see this bowl of bliss until evening feeding time. Where is justice ? I gathered my posse and together we stormed the kitchen. I managed to knock the bowl out of my hu-woman's hands, flanked by my brave amazon warrior girls. Okay - the part with the warrior girls I made up. They simply waited until I had done all the work for them, but I don't mind sharing the fame of victory with them. Deep down inside I'm a really agreeable guy. So as I said: It was messy, but we won the battle. My hu-woman was yelling like that Greek guy - Hector it was I believe - but that did not deter me from charging the liver bowl. She should be proud of me for being so brave instead of yelling at me. To top it off, she got this steam cleaning thing of hers and wiped away the last remnants of my glory.
Not that this was a matter of life and death, but having a floor licking party with the girls is quite an intriguing thing.

Admit it boys. Wouldn't you have done the same ?

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