Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inspired by our walk today

.....and it so happens, that when it comes to deer and wildlife in general, even Tessa's shiloh-halo slips off to the side and she would love to join in the wild hunt. Dream on, sweet dogs !! Wildlife gets stressed real easy and therefore, if I am in an area where I know that we'll see deer or other wild critters, the furgang has to stay on a leash. Don't let the cartoon fool you: The dogs are fed by their humans and they want for nothing.
Nonetheless - Mr. Budelheimer loves to zig-zag on deer trails and he loves to announce every fresh scent he can find. Mrs. Budelheimer on the other hand, having grown up in a crate and not having been exposed to anything, really can not find any amusement in chasing things she can't even see.

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