Monday, January 25, 2010

Watching Television

Let's face it: What better show for a crazed dachshund than "National Geographic" or "Mutual of Omaha". Today's cartoon was inspired by Monster's (who else ?) love-hate relationship to certain nature shows. But see for yourself:

Okay lady - enough talking. Let's watch the "movie" !

Gosh - don't you hate it, when they let you sit through those darn commercials ?

Peeeeee-uuuuuuuuh ! That dude has bad breath !

Hehehe - that's a perfect moment to nip a lion in the butt !

Now that's what I'm talking about ! Come to Papa - it's lunchtime ! !

Wait a minute, you moron ! That's MY buck ! *grrrrrrr*
(Monsti was definitely not willed to share his prize with a wild dog nor anyone else.)

After an hour of adventure TV, fatigue sets in and the picture changesHeartfelt thanks to Dr. McIntyre for enabling Monsterman to sleep in such a twisted position again. As always, she worked wonders on that dachshund spine ! Kudos.

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