Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What are we doing here ? An Introduction.

Hi there,

we are the furgang. Why our human calls us that we don't know, but we appear as a trio and as such we are a gang.

We live in a house with our hu-man and our hu-woman. These two are essential for our well-being, and because they don't allow us to go hunting in the neighborhood, we are totally dependent on them for food and cookie distribution. We don't really know why they insist on feeding us, but if it makes them happy........ It's kind of a pain to be so dependent, but it does have it's advantages. In the case of the dachshunds: Would you, my fellow sausage dogs, like to go out hunting when it's a whopping 20 F outside ? We didn't think so !
That shepherd on the other hand is hard to understand. She insists on sleeping out in the cold while we are curled up and comfey in front of the fireplace. (Another great invention of mankind to improve a dog's life conditions.) Without further ado - here we are:

Hi - I'm Tessa. The angelic part of the operation. I help my humans to herd the dachshunds when they decided yet again to venture out into the world and spread mischief. They're really good at it and can drive an intelligent Shiloh Shepherd like myself absolutely insane. In general I really do like them, but they are just such a pain to be around sometimes.
I was born on August 19th, 2005 as a puppy of five. My humans decided to get me because they do know my dad and he is a really fine example of Shepherdom. You ought to meet him sometime. When I am not chasing after deer and dachshunds, you can find me at a local nursing home where I try to spread cheer and smiles. It's a fun job and my hu-woman is very proud of me for being such a sweet girl. I just can't help myself. It's in my genes.

Hi folks - I'm CH Nightwind's Harley D's V-Rod. Yeah - an aristocrat I am but you wouldn't know if you met me. My humans call me affectionately "the Rodmonster" (short for Rodney) and I'm quite the celebrity amongst all vermin and the local skunk population. A few years ago I helped a rabid skunk out of his misery and instead of giving me a medal, they put me in quarantine !! Would you believe it ?
When I'm not out protecting my two girls from the evil world that lurks around them in form of strange dogs and people, I like to chase my cuz ball, bury bones and guard the house. Someone's gotta do it !!
I used to be a really successful show dachshund, but my other hu-woman kept sending me on vacation and training to my new humans and one day I just stayed. What's the point in travelling back and forth all the time anyway ? So if I'm not busy driving everybody around me nuts, I'm a really sweet, eight year old wirehair dachshund aristocrat. You'll hear a lot about me on this blog. You better believe it.

Last but not least it's me: Bicalina, a.k.a. Meislein, Bicabica,Pickle. As if it wasn't hard enough to remember just one name. I was adopted from www.drna.org three and a half years ago and let me tell you. I was a nervous wreck ! Humans were not exactly my favorite species and up to the day when I was rescued, I had a horrible life mostly locked up, badly abused and starving. I was one sick puppy !
But that's all history now and even though men still scare me, I adapted to spoiled life without any problems and if you believe it or not: I am really the boss of the pack.
I don't take 'no' for an answer and if there is a bone to be had, it's mine and mine alone. I love to go for long walks, but my favorite past time is curling up on my hu-woman's lap and watch TV or to go begging from the hu-man. He always has a snack on the side table and that's reason enough to trust him some. (He's the only one though and it took me almost two years to come to that conclusion. )

That's it for today and as soon as we have an important thing to tell you all, we will be back. For now it's off to the woods and maybe our hu-woman will show you all some of our stomping grounds. Woof and have a nice day !

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