Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Potomac Is Raging !

Today we went to take some pictures of the Potomac at Great Falls Park. I haven't seen the water level that high in years. It's quite impressive !
What makes me a bit sad and disappointed though is the fact, that this is one of the dirtiest rivers I have ever seen (and smelled ! ). When do people realize that nature is precious and needs to be saved ?

This is a perfect example what should NOT be floating around in a river. Tires, barrels, bottles and other garbage that people just discard into the water. As mentioned before: The smell indicates that there's more raw sewage than water in the Potomac.

But - there are nice images of it as well:The only thing left of the water fall is that rock you see on the left.
For comparison, this is, what this view usually looks like:

Quite a difference, isn't it ?

Here now a few impressions from our walk, which lead us along the river:

This is usually a small puddle which has turned into a small pond now.

Looking into the wild and raging river. It flowed past us very fast !

Now let me show you a few pictures of the furgang, as we are climbing through the rocks along the river:

Tessa - as always - making sure that everybody is safe and in "one pile".

The Budelheimers - surveyors of the forest. . .Mr. Rodmonster - king of the rocks. (Making sure nobody dares come near us. He is soooo intense.)

... and little Bicalina. Always afraid to be left behind somewhere.

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