Thursday, February 11, 2010

After the Blizzard

I think the worst is over or yet to come. Not so sure. We made it okay through those two blizzards that hit the east coast during the past week, but now we are afraid that our house will be damaged. There are cracks forming everywhere and one thing is for sure: We will spend the night in the basement. Just in case. It's been melting during the day and will refreeze overnight, making the load on top of the house heavier yet again. We keep our fingers crossed that we get away with just little damage. I may sound paranoid, but the more information I am gathering about the subject, the more I'm becoming afraid........

Let's change subject real quick and look at a few pictures from today's outing in the yard.

Tessa is having a real good time in that cold white stuff.

The Budelheimers on the other hand are not so convinced.

Bica is diving in head first. . .

...and Monster is busy, picking snowballs off his fur.

No fun for the serious dog !


  1. Oh no. That does not sound good. Now I'm worried, so keep the blog updated. Fingers crossed that the re-freeze you mention doesn't come...

  2. Hi Kelly,

    we've been sleeping downstairs in the guest room and so far, the roof has been holding up. Let's hope it stays that way ! :)