Friday, February 5, 2010

Offense is the best Defense one of Monster's mottoes:

Sometimes Rodney tends to get a bit possessive about things. In this case it was a brand new plush toy which was really Tessa's. She never got a chance to even touch it ! It's now in Rodney's secret hideout place with countless other treasures he hoards .

But what this cartoon really is about: Rodmonster's devotion to "his" girls. He does not want to share them with anyone. If I take him for a walk all by himself he can be managed easily and he usually behaves very well. The scenario changes when you add Tessa and Bica to the equation. He thinks the world is out to kidnap those two and he needs to be the dog in shining armor. Sometimes walking the dogs in this constellation gets quite stressful for the poor handler (ME !). So if you ever take your dog for a walk and you see a seemingly crazy lady darting into ditches or hide behind a tree, that would be me. I'd rather sit in a mud puddle and wait for other dogs to pass us by quietly, than embarass me and my girls in the middle of a path hanging on to Mr. "I-gotta-kill-whatever-stands-in-our-way". Thank goodness for washing machines washing mud soiled pants on a daily basis.......... We really do love you, you little monster ! :)

Would we dare not to ? ? ?

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