Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Show me your bed and I tell you who you are.....
This could be true, looking at the dachshunds dog beds. They both just love to sleep in doggy tents, and looking at the interior you may as well guess, who resides in which:You guessed right. The neat one on the left is Bica's, while the one which is almost flat on its side belongs to Rodney. I straighten it out every morning and he puts it back the way he likes it, every evening. Tessa doesn't like dog beds all that much and prefers to sleep on the tile floor in the bathroom. Which doesn't mean, she does have a cold personality - it just means, that she does have a lot of fur to keep her warm.

The chaotic lifestyle of Mr. Rodmonster inspired today's cartoon. Really - I think if it weren't for Monster, I'd run out of ideas for cartoons real soon. He is my muse.*lol*

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