Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tunnel Vision

As always - inspired by Rodmonster. We got a LOT of snow in the last couple of days and the only way to walk a dachshund is walking him along the tiretracks in the middle of the street. (Bless those two or three neighbors, who made it out in their SUV's) This is all peachy, until you meet a young doberman head on. Monsterman was standing his ground and his ever so present tunnel vision increased drastically, due to the fact that he could not see what was going on to the left or right of him. Poor guy - it was straight forward or nothing. Offense is the best defense and with loud battle cries he lounged forward..........until hu-woman planted him next to his tunnel and that sort of dampened his vocals with some snow. Ooops. :) No dachshunds have been harmed. I swear !

Now here's to tunnel vision:

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