Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh the Joys of Winter !

Honestly - I love snow. A lot of people think I'm nuts for saying that, but there's something to be said for walking your dogs without a leash in the middle of main street without having to worry about getting hit by a speeding car. The few cars we did see were mostly stuck in some snow bank and if people are crazy enough to go out in conditions like that, they just can't be helped. You just hope they don't hurt anyone with their insanity. It's one thing if you are a doctor and need to be at a hospital to safe lives, but just going out to pick up your kid who's been at a sleep over doesn't make sense, does it ? Duh - if I know there's the mother of all snowstorms coming, I won't allow my child to spend the night in someone else's house, or do I ?
Neither here nor there - we did enjoy this snowstorm and hope to God that our roof will survive the huge masses of snow. I discovered a few cracks in the ceiling and hope they are not forbearers of some structural problem.

I also did take a few pictures of the white mess:

Winter Wonderland in our back yard.
Tessa, the over sized, furry snow bunny.
...on the other hand, there's the hibernating bunch.

Doesn't look as if we are going anywhere anytime soon. . .

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