Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little Bit Of Dreary Wintermood

Today I forgot to take the cam to Great Falls Park. The scene was somewhat devastating. Fallen trees everywhere ! The carriage road, which is about a mile and a half long was littered with them. We had to navigate around the obstacles and of course that's when we met this feisty Jack Russell Terror head on. I dodged into the ditch as always but Monster had already zoomed in on the enemy and gave the signal to attack. The girls - as always - looked as if they had never met him and I was looking for a snow drift I could sink the monstrous beast into to shut him up. (It's really all fictional - I would NEVER do this ! *asmyfaceisturningred*) Somehow he managed to get Tessa (????) excited about barking at this dog and in Tessa's defense I have to say that the opposition wasn't really quiet either. What really made me laugh at the end was this herd of deer standing on top of the hill quietly looking on to that spectacle that had unfolded underneath. I counted at least 15 of them and they all looked quite beautiful and majestic, standing there above us. Wildlife at Great Falls Park already knows that we are just a noisy bunch and no need for concern. We do obey the leash law, because a. we don't want to stress any wildlife by dogs running around the underbrush and b. I probably wouldn't see them for a while if they ever spot any deer within chasing distance. It's dangerous for the deer as it is for the dogs. Therefore: Leash time it is and the deer know it ! :)

The moment we got home it started to rain, which inspired me to take these pictures. "The View From My Window". I hope they're not too depressing.......
Then you chase one of them once through the photoshop and here's what you get:

I hope a little bit of color makes up for all the grey !

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