Monday, February 8, 2010

Still snowed in . . .

Now we are on day three of our winter storm adventure. The sky is blue and the scenery just beautiful. Slowly but surely, even the dachshunds emerge from their hibernation dens and begin to venture out into the white stuff. Bicalina is a bit more enthused about the snow than Monster is, but after about 10 minutes of tunneling around in that white stuff they are ready to go back in and recuperate from the stress of hopping around in the snow. I took a few pictures of course and here they are:

Tessa - as ready as ever to chase a couple of snowballs.

Monsti in the meantime is trying to "repair" a flat tire, a.k.a. snowballs under his paws.

Fortunately, the snow is now compacted enough to carry a slim dachshund. Shepherds still do sink in though.

Here Monsti thinks he saw something worth pursuing. . .

. . . and down the hill he goes.

Meanwhile, Bica is trying to make me understand that I am standing on her path. (There's just no way around me either !)

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