Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poor Animals

....who have to live outside during the wintertime. I don't think we ever needed as much bird food, suet, cracked corn and peanuts as we did during this winter. The birds have been frequenting the feeder morning 'til night and the squirrels are regulars too. Now, that we have our new windows, I don't have to mess with the fly screens anymore and can take pictures from inside. Mind you, my cam does not have a telelens and once I zoom in it gets a bit fuzzy. It's amazing though, how much I have learned about birds since we have the feeder in front of the house. I did get a bird book and that taught me a lot about native birds. I yet have to take pictures of male cardinals, carolina wrens and nuthatches. The ones I've got aren't great. Nonetheless - here are a few of our customers:This is a picture from Dec. 09 - a female cardinal

The squirrels love the peanuts.

Here's a feisty blue jay

Redbellied Woodpecker

Here he shares the tree with a downy woodpecker

Cute little chickadee

...and where there is a chickadee, there usually is also a titmouse.

Mourning Dove
The invasion of the starlings
Somebody is a bit cold and all fluffed up.

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